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商用英文導讀 – US isolated on climate at summit of world leaders


 US isolated on climate at summit of world leaders







  • ostracized (V.) 故意避開,排擠,排斥

His colleagues ostracized him after he criticized the company in public.


  • multilateral (adj.) 多國(或多方)參加的,多邊的

Seven countries are taking part in the multilateral talks.


  • tariff (N.) 關稅

The government may impose tariffs on imports.


  • dictatorship (N.) 獨裁,獨裁統治

The dictatorship of this country lasted for nearly 40 years.


  • allegation (N.)(未經證實的)指責,指控

Several of her patients have made allegations of professional misconduct against her.


  • intervene (V.) 干涉,調停

The Central Bank intervened in the currency markets today to try to stabilize the exchange rate.



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