商用英文導讀 – Fed says stimulus wind down to begin ‘relatively soon,’ leaves rates unchanged

文章名稱:Fed says stimulus wind down to begin ‘relatively soon,’ leaves rates unchanged





  • crux (N.) 關鍵,核心,癥結

The crux of the country’s economic problems is its foreign debt.


  • verbiage (N.) 冗詞,廢話,贅語

His explanation was wrapped up in so much technical verbiage that I couldn’t understand it.


  • subtle (adj.) 微妙的,巧妙的

I noticed a subtle change in his attitude.


  • tweak (V.) 改進,調整

You just need to tweak the last paragraph and then it’s done.


  • pessimistic (adj.) 悲觀的

The doctors are pessimistic about his chances of recovery.


  • flummox (V.) 使困惑;使不知所措

I have to say that last question flummoxed me.


商用英文導讀 – Foxconn unveils $10 billion investment in Wisconsin during White House event

文章名稱:Foxconn unveils $10 billion investment in Wisconsin during White House event



鴻海佈局美國製造正式啟動,郭台銘於與川普在白宮召開記者會,宣布未來 4 年內將在美國投資 100億美元,首先會選擇在威斯康辛州打造LCD面板廠,預計為該州創造 3000 個工作機會。


  • state-of-the-art (adj.) 最好的,最先進的

The control panel uses all the newest technology and is considered state-of-the-art.


  • fellow (adj.) 同類的,同事的,同伴的

She introduced me to some of her fellow workers.


  • accommodate (V.) 使適應,容納

The runway of this airport is undergoing expansion to accommodate large planes.


  • tenuous (adj.) 不確定的,不明朗的

The police have only found a tenuous connection between the two robberies.


  • controversy (N.) 爭議;爭論

The policy has caused fierce controversy ever since it was introduced.


  • unleash (V.) 釋放

Rachel’s arrival on the scene had unleashed passions in him that he could scarcely control.


商用英文導讀 – Bike-sharing boom in China pedals to new heights

文章名稱:Bike-sharing boom in China pedals to new heights



「無站點」的共享單車正在中國掀起一波浪潮,其中兩大業者為Mobike和Ofo,用戶可以在智慧型手機中下載app,透過手機定位功能找尋距離最靠近的單車, 並透過手機解鎖。快速成長的中國共享單車公司正把版圖拓展到海外,展開另一場競爭。


  • pedestrian 行人 (N.)

Take particular care when entering or leaving the tracks, and watch out for both pedestrians and traffic.


  • outmaneuver (V.) 智勝;技高一籌

In the negotiations, he outmaneuvered his rivals by offering a higher price.


  • imitate (V.) 模仿;仿效

Some of the younger pop bands try to imitate their musical heroes from the past.


  • dump (V.) 扔下,丟下

He came in with four shopping bags and dumped them on the table.


  • sabotage (V.) 毀壞,破壞

The attack is being seen as a deliberate attempt to sabotage the peace talks.


  • incumbent (N.) 現任者,在職者

The present incumbent of the office is due to retire next month.


商用英文影片導讀 – Venezuela: Armed groups storm opposition-controlled National Assembly


影片名稱:Venezuela: Armed groups storm  opposition-controlled National Assembly



◆ 大意:委內瑞拉親政府分子在本月5日慶祝獨立紀念日時,手持棍棒闖入反對派掌控的國會攻擊反對派議員。攻擊者打著支持總統馬杜洛的名號闖進國會,但馬杜洛隨即譴責暴力。


◆ opposition (N.) 反對勢力;反對黨

In this matter the opposition were in the wrong, and by attacking the parliament discredited themselves.


◆ unleash (V.) 解放,釋放

The storm unleashed its fury.


◆ convulsion (N.) 抽搐,震動;動亂

Victims show signs of suffocation, convulsions and foaming at the mouth.


◆ besiege (V.) 圍攻,圍困

Customers have besieged the company with questions.


◆ complacent (adj.) 自滿,躊躇滿志的

The strong economy has made people complacent.


◆ condemn (V.) 譴責

The school condemns cheating, and any student caught cheating will be expelled.

商用英文導讀 – Americans Feel Good About the Economy, Not So Good About Trump

文章名稱:Americans Feel Good About the Economy, Not So Good About Trump

文章連結: https://bloom.bg/2uxZ39E




• poll (N.)民意調查

In a nationwide poll carried out in January, only one person in ten said they were happy with the tax reforms.

• aspiration (N.)企圖、願望

She was filled with the aspiration to succeed in life.

• tumultuous (adj.)吵鬧的

It had been designed in a period of relative economic stability and was not fitted for such tumultuous times.

• skeptical(adj.)懷疑性的

He is skeptical about estimates that some may pay more than $ 100,000 to rent his home.

• revive (V.)使復興

They are planning to revive the old Saint’s Day parades through town.

• wary (adj.)小心的;謹慎的

Congress is wary of becoming too dependent on foreign oil.

• oust (V.)驅逐;逐出

He hosted the meetings where the rebellion was fomented which ousted Mrs Thatcher from power.

• ballot (N.)選票

With the new dynamic of California politics, getting any ballot measure passed with just Anglo votes is fast becoming impossible.

商用英文影片導讀 – What Are Non Farm Payrolls?


影片名稱:What are non-farm payrolls?



◆ 大意:兩分鐘簡單介紹美國非農就業指數意涵


◆ reveal (V.) 揭露

What actually happened to the gold has never been revealed.


◆ volatility (N.) 波動性

The higher need for certainty of income would mean a lower tolerance for volatility.


◆ amplify (V.) 擴大

Other spots are characterized by their ability to modify or amplify sound, even to the point of acoustical saturation.


◆ forex (N.) 外匯

The auction market in forex involves trading in futures contracts.


◆ indices (N.) 指數 (index的複數)

These composite indices are derived by standardizing each of its component series.


ripple (N.) 漣漪

Shannon couldn’t help but feel a ripple of warmth for the man, even though they hadn’t even been introduced yet.

商用英文導讀 – Big Oil Just Woke Up to Threat of Rising Electric Car Demand

文章名稱:Big Oil Just Woke Up to Threat  of Rising Electric Car Demand

文章連結: https://goo.gl/9sGP7z





• vehicle (N.) 車輛,交通工具

As he glanced down at his vehicle, he saw both tires on the driver’s side were totally flat.

• quintuple (V.) 使…變成五倍

They militarized the country by quintupling the size of its armed forces.

• stagnate (V.) 凝滯;使停滯

The electronics industry is showing signs of stagnating after 15 years of growth.

• petroleum (N.) 石油,原油

Products which are petroleum-based are highly inflammable.

• dampen (V.) 使受挫;使(尤指興奮或喜悅之情)平靜下來

Nothing you can say will dampen her enthusiasm.

• tackle (V.) 對付,處理(問題)

The president is clearly in a dilemma about how to tackle the crisis.

商用英文導讀 – US isolated on climate at summit of world leaders


 US isolated on climate at summit of world leaders








  • ostracized (V.) 故意避開,排擠,排斥

His colleagues ostracized him after he criticized the company in public.


  • multilateral (adj.) 多國(或多方)參加的,多邊的

Seven countries are taking part in the multilateral talks.


  • tariff (N.) 關稅

The government may impose tariffs on imports.


  • dictatorship (N.) 獨裁,獨裁統治

The dictatorship of this country lasted for nearly 40 years.


  • allegation (N.)(未經證實的)指責,指控

Several of her patients have made allegations of professional misconduct against her.


  • intervene (V.) 干涉,調停

The Central Bank intervened in the currency markets today to try to stabilize the exchange rate.