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商用英文影片導讀 – Venezuela: Armed groups storm opposition-controlled National Assembly


影片名稱:Venezuela: Armed groups storm  opposition-controlled National Assembly



◆ 大意:委內瑞拉親政府分子在本月5日慶祝獨立紀念日時,手持棍棒闖入反對派掌控的國會攻擊反對派議員。攻擊者打著支持總統馬杜洛的名號闖進國會,但馬杜洛隨即譴責暴力。


◆ opposition (N.) 反對勢力;反對黨

In this matter the opposition were in the wrong, and by attacking the parliament discredited themselves.


◆ unleash (V.) 解放,釋放

The storm unleashed its fury.


◆ convulsion (N.) 抽搐,震動;動亂

Victims show signs of suffocation, convulsions and foaming at the mouth.


◆ besiege (V.) 圍攻,圍困

Customers have besieged the company with questions.


◆ complacent (adj.) 自滿,躊躇滿志的

The strong economy has made people complacent.


◆ condemn (V.) 譴責

The school condemns cheating, and any student caught cheating will be expelled.


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