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商用英文影片導讀 – US and Qatar sign deal to combat terrorism financing


影片名稱:US and Qatar sign deal to combat ‘terrorism financing’



◆ 大意:卡達與美國在聯合聲明中表示兩國針對打擊反恐金援簽署合作備忘錄


◆ bilateral (adj.) 雙邊(國與國)的

France and Germany have signed a bilateral agreement to help prevent drug smuggling.


◆ counterpart (N.) 相對應的人/事/物

The Indian Foreign Minister met his Japanese counterpart in Tokyo last week.


◆ memorandum (N.) 備忘錄

The three countries have signed a memorandum pledging to work together.


◆ concerted (adj.) 一致的;共同的

The richer countries of the world should take concerted action to help the poorer countries.


◆ combat (V.) 打擊;戰鬥

The government is spending millions of dollars in its attempt to combat drug abuse.


◆ siege (N.) 圍困;圍剿

The castle was under siege for months, leaving dwelling troops extremely exhausted.


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