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商用英文影片導讀 – What Are Non Farm Payrolls?


影片名稱:What are non-farm payrolls?



◆ 大意:兩分鐘簡單介紹美國非農就業指數意涵


◆ reveal (V.) 揭露

What actually happened to the gold has never been revealed.


◆ volatility (N.) 波動性

The higher need for certainty of income would mean a lower tolerance for volatility.


◆ amplify (V.) 擴大

Other spots are characterized by their ability to modify or amplify sound, even to the point of acoustical saturation.


◆ forex (N.) 外匯

The auction market in forex involves trading in futures contracts.


◆ indices (N.) 指數 (index的複數)

These composite indices are derived by standardizing each of its component series.


ripple (N.) 漣漪

Shannon couldn’t help but feel a ripple of warmth for the man, even though they hadn’t even been introduced yet.


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