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商用英文導讀 – Americans Feel Good About the Economy, Not So Good About Trump

文章名稱:Americans Feel Good About the Economy, Not So Good About Trump





• poll (N.)民意調查

In a nationwide poll carried out in January, only one person in ten said they were happy with the tax reforms.

• aspiration (N.)企圖、願望

She was filled with the aspiration to succeed in life.

• tumultuous (adj.)吵鬧的

It had been designed in a period of relative economic stability and was not fitted for such tumultuous times.

• skeptical(adj.)懷疑性的

He is skeptical about estimates that some may pay more than $ 100,000 to rent his home.

• revive (V.)使復興

They are planning to revive the old Saint’s Day parades through town.

• wary (adj.)小心的;謹慎的

Congress is wary of becoming too dependent on foreign oil.

• oust (V.)驅逐;逐出

He hosted the meetings where the rebellion was fomented which ousted Mrs Thatcher from power.

• ballot (N.)選票

With the new dynamic of California politics, getting any ballot measure passed with just Anglo votes is fast becoming impossible.


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