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商用英文導讀 – North Korea’s missile programme


文章名稱:North Korea’s missile programme




大意:朝鮮於7月4號成功發射洲際彈道導彈 (ICBM),聲稱射程可達美國本土,而經美國科學家研究後證實射程涵蓋阿拉斯加全省。


  • arsenal (N.)兵工廠

Police have discovered an arsenal of guns and ammunition in a London house.


  • intercontinental (adj.)洲際的

Last month Putin decided to retire silo-housed intercontinental ballistic missiles as their service lives expire.


  • miniaturize (V.)使小型化

Apple watch essentially miniaturizes an entire computer system.


  • piggyback(V.)揹負

When Mary sprained her ankles, John piggybacked her to the doctors.


  • detonate (V.)爆炸;引爆

The bomb was designed to be detonated by a mobile phone.


  • decoy (N.)引誘物

It was a decoy to hide the fact that they were also killing members of the political opposition.



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