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商用英文導讀 – 全球債務飆升

文章名稱:China’s debt surpasses 300 percent of GDP, IIF says, raising doubts over Yellen’s crisis remarks


◆ deleverage (V.)去槓桿
Deleveraging is when a company or individual attempts to decrease its total financial leverage.

◆ indebtedness (N.)負債
The 2008 financial crisis began with high indebtedness levels by U.S. households.

◆ precautionary (adj.)預先警戒的
It instructed U.K. banks to raise their capital ratios as a precautionary step in the event of an economic slowdown.

◆ syndicated loan (N.)企業聯合貸款
The IIF warned that there’s over $1.9 trillion of emerging market bonds and syndicated loans maturing through to the end of 2017.

◆ household (N.)家戶;個人
China poses a great risk in itself with households accelerating their borrowing.

◆ redemption (N.)贖回;買回
Repayment of the principal amount of a debt or security at/ before maturity.


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