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商用英文導讀 – ICO

文章名稱:Why Everyone’s Talking About ‘Initial Coin Offerings’



She drew an analogy between childbirth and the creative process.



He became involved in the murky world of international drug-dealing.



Steinem has always been a strong proponent of women’s rights.



These bomb attacks represent a change of tactics by the terrorists.


◆eminently (adv.)非常,特別

Jack is eminently qualified for the job.



He’s been tinkering with that engine for hours, but it still won’t go.


◆virtuous (adj.)有道德的,善良的

He described them as virtuous and hard-working people.


◆rampant (adj.)猖獗的,泛濫的

Rampant inflation means that our wage increases soon become worth nothing.



He complained that he’d been receiving malicious phone calls.



I’ll wager you $500 that they’ll get there first.





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