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商用英文影片導讀 – How Bitcoin Works in 5 Minutes


影片名稱:How Bitcoin Works in 5 Minutes



◆ 大意:比特幣的技術內容,簡短五分鐘解釋了
1. 比特幣如何去中心化

2. 如何加密

3. 帳本和挖礦如何運作


◆ centralized (adj.) 集中的

Centralized database storage improves data preservation.


◆ ledger (N.) 總賬,分類賬

In summary, employees who maintain the accounts receivable subsidiary ledger should not have access to cash receipts.


◆ anonymity (N.) 匿名

The police have reassured witnesses that they will be guaranteed anonymity.


◆ cryptographic (adj.) 加密的

Cryptographic algorithms are a series of processes used to encipher and decode messages.


◆ tally (V.) 符合,吻合

The numbers on your spreadsheet don’t tally with ours.


◆ property (N.) 特質

He is studying the medicinal properties of wild plants.


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