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商用英文導讀 – Big Oil Just Woke Up to Threat of Rising Electric Car Demand

文章名稱:Big Oil Just Woke Up to Threat  of Rising Electric Car Demand






• vehicle (N.) 車輛,交通工具

As he glanced down at his vehicle, he saw both tires on the driver’s side were totally flat.

• quintuple (V.) 使…變成五倍

They militarized the country by quintupling the size of its armed forces.

• stagnate (V.) 凝滯;使停滯

The electronics industry is showing signs of stagnating after 15 years of growth.

• petroleum (N.) 石油,原油

Products which are petroleum-based are highly inflammable.

• dampen (V.) 使受挫;使(尤指興奮或喜悅之情)平靜下來

Nothing you can say will dampen her enthusiasm.

• tackle (V.) 對付,處理(問題)

The president is clearly in a dilemma about how to tackle the crisis.


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